A collection of junk from now and then

Image 9 - playing with a raster coersion tool. (browser, not mobile friendly)
Kuiperbelt Surfers - a asteroids inspired game. (desktop browser and keyboard)
Fractals - wrote a wms map engine and made fractals with it. (browser, mobile friendly)
Escape Velocity - gravity type game prototype. (desktop browser and keyboard)
My broken radio - homeage to a great musician. (android with support for GLES20)
Omba's revenge - pac man type game. (android with support for GLES20)
Fireworks generator - had some fun with this one, figure it out. (browser)
Big fire - ended up here because I found it with the old snowroutine. (browser)
Graveyard - A game for the command console. (Windows x64)
Spaceballs from hell - tiny canvas game. (browser)